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The Greater Miami region is a rapidly growing hub for technology, innovation and entrepreneurship in the US, currently ranked as the #11 hub for venture capital activity in the United States, just behind Washington D.C, the Research Triangle (Raleigh–Durham), and San Diego.

The region is home to 2.5k+ funded startups as well as 20+ unicorns such as Chewy, Celsius and Magic Leap.

This guide runs through the need-to-know stats and trends in technology, innovation and entrepreneurship for the Greater Miami region.

Venture Capital

By stage

Venture Capital Investment in Greater Miami saw a dramatic surge in 2021 and 2022.  This surge is driven by an increased number of recorded in mega rounds.

VC investment into Greater Miami startups reached $6.3B in 2022, it's second highest year to date.

This was 2.9x larger than 2021 levels though lower than the record year in 2021 when $8.3B was raised.

Early stage

Early-stage investment into Greater Miami has more than tripled over the past five years with a positive trend observed over the past decade.

Access early-stage funding rounds into Miami startups here on the platform.

Breakout stage

Similarly to early-stage investment, breakout-stage investment has also seen rapid growth over the past five years and has gotten 7.5 times higher since 2017.

Access breakout-stage funding rounds into Miami startups here on the platform.

Scaleup stage

Greater Miami startups raised over $3.4B of late-stage investment over the past 5 years and volume has more than doubled its investment since 2017.

Access scaleup-stage funding rounds into Miami startups here on the platform.

Median round size

Greater Miami seed and series A rounds are going up in size compared to pre-pandemic.

By region

VC investment by industry: Greater Miami vs USA

Compared to the overall US, VC funding into Media and Gaming startups in Greater Miami over-indexes largely.

By destinations

Greater Miami ranks within the top 15 largest startup ecosystem hubs in the US, experiencing a rapid rise in VC investment over the past 3 years.

Compare how Greater Miami compares against other US startup ecosystem hubs below or here on the platform.

Greater Miami ranks in 5th place by number of rounds raised.

Round sizes are on par with other top tech hubs, indicating a well developed ecosystem.

By industry

Discover the VC investment trends by industry into the Greater Miami region here on the Dealroom platform.


Discover the VC investment trends by sub-industry into the Greater Miami region here on the Dealroom platform.

Top Investors

There are currently over 300+ investors headquartered in Greater Miami with at least one recorded investment round. 

Explore the data for the most active investors into the Miami startup ecosystem as well as the most active Miami based investors here on the platform.


Greater Miami vs Florida by patent allocation

The most prolific patent space for Greater Miami is in the classes of Information and Mechanical.
This can be easily explained by who is doing the filing, considering Techtronic Industries is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Greater Miami.

Subclass patents

Top companies

Techtronic Industries has filed for over 2k patents since 2000, the most of any company based in Greater Miami.

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