Discover the world's most promising companies

Identify emerging tech companies you can work with, qualify leads with in-depth research, and stay up-to-date with innovation.

Dealroom for Corporates

Here are a few examples of how Dealroom can add value to your work:

Identify promising companies to work with

Quickly filter through and identify under-the-radar companies to do business with. Build targeted lead lists with advanced tags and filters and fill your B2B sales and partnership pipeline with the world’s most promising companies. Access verified contact information on over 50k founders and easily connect with companies you’ve discovered on the platform.

Perform in-depth company analysis & qualify leads

Search the most comprehensive database of startups and scaleups and conduct in-depth analysis to qualify leads with over 100+ data points on each company, corporate innovation ratings, predictive algorithms, and much more.

Stay ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation

Dealroom is designed to keep you at the forefront of technology and ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation. Our in-house Intelligence Unit follows markets closely and is constantly on the lookout for new developments and insights. This augments the data and results in proprietary taxonomy that is up to speed with new innovations.

Identify emerging sectors and industry trends

Evaluate the bigger picture, spot trends by location, industry, or business model, and visualize macro-developments of the market with investment heatmaps, industry landscapes, and more. Dealroom is here to help you create a data-driven culture by objectively identifying trends in your industry.

A solution with global coverage

With data on over 2M+ companies globally, you can quickly identify under-the-radar companies to do business with.

  • Access the most comprehensive database of startups & scaleups

    Global data coverage includes:

    • 2.5M+ companies globally
    • 2.1M+ startups and 640K+ rounds
    • 150K+ investors and 605K+ people
    • 100+ data points on each company
    • And more
  • Up to 2.5x more data on European venture capital rounds

    What’s driving the superior data coverage:

    • Founded in Europe, with a vast network in the ecosystem
    • We work directly with top governments in Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia and trade registers around the globe
    • The vast majority of top-tier VC investors are clients and contribute

Trusted by many of the world’s most renowned organisations

Dealroom works with many of the world's most prominent tech companies, big-four accounting firms, and strategy consulting firms to provide transparency and insights on venture capital activity around the world.

  • “What we like about Dealroom is that it’s still a bit of an art in how to find and work with emerging tech companies. It’s about finding out as much as we can and putting the pieces together, because we have to narrow down and pick the best ones out of potentially tens of thousands of companies.”

    Chris Dial

    Senior Director, Microsoft

  • “CBRE are thought leaders in the real estate space; we beat the competition because we are ahead of the curve. To keep distance between us and our competitors, we have to stay innovative, and we have to go into collaboration with companies like Dealroom. For the next five years, data is going to be very important. Dealroom data gets us ahead.”


    Daan van der Velden

    Director, CBRE

Products & Services

As our client, you can use one or more of our products and services to gain valuable insights into your market.

  • Global Data Platform

    The most comprehensive database on startups, growth companies, and tech ecosystems around the world

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    Global Data Platform
  • API

    Power your existing data and apps with the most extensive API in the industry

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  • Ecosystem Platform

    Measure and promote your ecosystem with your own dedicated startup database

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    Ecosystem Platform
  • Bespoke Research

    When data alone isn’t the full answer to your business questions

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    Bespoke Research

Make data your competitive advantage

Discover promising companies to work with, qualify leads with in-depth research, and stay up-to-date with innovation. Dealroom is designed to make data your competitive advantage.