Data and insights on startups, venture capital, and emerging innovation.

  • The latest data on Japanese startups and venture capital in Q2 2024, the key technology areas raising investment and international benchmarks.

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    Japan Tech Update – Q2 2024
  • The State of UK innovation and venture capital in Q2 2024. The top funded sectors, fastest-growing cities, and most active investors. Created in partnership with HSBC Innovation Banking.

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    UK Innovation Update – Q2 2024
  • The check-in on the state of French tech in Q2 2024. At which stages startups have been raising investment, the biggest growth sectors, and how France compares to European and international peers.

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    France Tech Update – Q2 2024
  • Update on the emerging venture capital and startup ecosystem in the Middle East and North Africa in Q2 2024.

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    MENA Tech Update – Q2 2024
  • Venture capital update for South East Asia in Q2 2024. Levels of venture capital vs. previous periods, breakdown by sector, segment, country and city.

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    South East Asia Tech Update – Q2 2024
  • European tech and venture update. Q2 2024 in data. The sectors and cities raising the most investment in 2024.

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    Europe Tech Update – Q2 2024