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  • The combined value of blockchain-related startups is now €237B, an 18x increase since 2016. European blockchain funding is up 6x year on year in H1 2021. And blockchain funding is moving beyond fintech. Exploring a decentralized future, blockchain beyond crypto.

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    Is a decentralised future possible?
  • Startup employment in Melbourne and Victoria grew 10.75% year on year between 2018 and 2020. Startups are the State’s new jobs’ growth engine, growing three times faster than job growth in Victoria’s economy.

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    Startup employment in Victoria, Australia
  • Global venture capital is crushing records in 2021. Over €264bn has been invested in the first six months of the year, two unicorns have been created every day in 2021, 170 cities around the world now home to at least one unicorn, and Europe is the fastest growing region for VC investment.

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    Startup cities in the entrepreneurial age
  • The historic industrial powerhouse of Cologne now has the third highest startup density in Germany after Berlin and Munich. This new report created in partnership with KölnBusiness explores Cologne's startup ecosystem.

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    Startups and venture capital in Cologne
  • European Healthtech investment hit €4.9B in the first half of 2021, 2.6x the H1 2020 total, and Europe’s Healthtech & Biotech companies are now worth €231 billion. Presented at Octopus Venture's Transforming Healthcare Systems event, we recap an extraordinary period for European health and biotech startups.

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    European Health & Biotech – H1 2021 update
  • South Korea is the fastest growing Asian Tiger nation for VC investment, and Seoul has created 15 unicorns, but 80% of investment still comes from within Asia. We explore the booming startup city in partnership with Seoul Startup Hub and Flow Partners.

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    Seoul: an Asian Tiger startup city