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  • Home of Slush, Spotify and sauna, the Nordic countries have gained a reputation as some of the most notoriously entrepreneurial tech ecosystems in the world. With SVB and NGP Capital, we see what's happening with startups and venture capital in the Nordics.

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    Startups and venture capital in the Nordics – 2023
  • An annual look at the state of the European foodtech ecosystem, in collaboration with Five Seasons Ventures, from the deflation of food delivery to the rise of alternative protein, functional drinks and b2b foodtech.

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    The State of European Foodtech 2023
  • An exploration of the UK's nascent electric vehicle battery ecosystem, including companies innovating in battery material and cell manufacturing, battery management systems, recycling and battery supply chain.

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    Electric vehicle battery tech in the UK
  • In partnership with Via ID x Mobility Club, we explore the state of European mobility startups and venture capital, the segments that are hitting the gas, and the corporates that are taking notice.

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    The State of European Mobility 2023
  • How can Europe best optimize to lead in the next twenty years of innovation? In partnership with Lakestar and Walden Catalyst, we explore Europe's deep tech credentials, hurdles and opportunities.

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    The European Deep Tech Report 2023