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October 2022

Industrial tech bucking trends

The State of European Tech – have your say

Top Legal Tech Startups to Watch

September 2022

Who’s the best at impact innovation?

Europe’s startup mafias

August 2022

Consolidation season?

Tech ecosystems, pound for pound

July 2022

Space tech ecosystem

Finding the right investor

June 2022

Where is the New Palo Alto?

What’s happening in Global VC?

May 2022

What makes a good investor?

April 2022

Croptech and WFH

Earth Day x startups

Ranking investors (prelim results)

March 2022

Ranking investors

February 2022


Swedish excellence

NFT marketplaces 🏒

January 2022

Mobility’s turning point

Tech hubs, ranked

December 2021

Rounding out 2021 (Dealroom Series A announcement)

The European flywheel

November 2021

Your Slush agenda

Accelerating Austria

Startup nations assemble

146 impact unicorns

October 2021

Startups and the climate emergency

Sustainable cities – an urban myth?

UiPath to success

Startups = job growth

September 2021

An Italian tech renaissance?

Marketplaces + fintech = outsized returns

Viva Las Vegas

Back to school

Food waste – a trillion dollar industry

August 2021

Hockey sticking spinouts

Unicorn race and talent wars

Saving the internet

July 2021

The decacorn funds


Blockchain hype?

Next gen tech hubs

Grocery wars

June 2021

R&D arms race

Bigger than mobility, growing faster than Health

Ctrl Z, Fastly

Depop’s secret sauce

May 2021

Champagne and startups

Morocco on the map

The future of marketplaces

Wind energy’s reaching scale

April 2021

AI and the pharma frontier

The deep tech arms race

The State of Healthtech

The Americans are coming

Amsterdam tech hits a big milestone

March 2021

What even is a startup?

The everywhere ranking

Ranking VCs

What is a unicorn?

Feb 2021

Marriage in Ireland in the 90s

Distributed tech ecosystems

Scaleup cities assemble

The Tesla moat

Jan 2021

Building tech ecosystems

The Edtech opportunity

The VC Prominence Rank 2021

The year of Deep Tech

Dec 2020

The tech trends of 2020 (and 2021)

Sustainable fashion

The unicorn hubs

Spin(out) cities

Nov 2020

Argentinian spotlight

Game day

What crisis?

The most entrepreneurial continent

Oct 2020

Industrial Tech – a sleeping giant awakes

The key to Net Zero

Startups still hiring

The startup gender funding gap

Startups – the #1 jobs growth engine

Sep 2020

Climate Tech – the next frontier

Electric aircraft are taking off

London to Amsterdam

Tech has a diversity problem

Aug 2020

The women of late-stage

Killer robots

Digital wellness

Sustainable tourism startup

Jul 2020

Alternative protein’s having a moment

Impact investing’s going mainstream

European VC is rallying in Q2

The Poland tech report

How are startups really doing in 2020?

Is Munich Europe’s #4 tech hub?

Jun 2020

The Helsinki startup database

European startups in bitesize

UK tech – funding, jobs & dry powder

Online marketplaces – the big reset

May 2020

The Munich startup database

Who’s really open for business?

Frugal fintech and Cleantech cleaning up

AI for good

Apr 2020

Croptech and WFH launch with Sifted

Polish startup database launched

The Passion Economy and Education Tech

Did Europe get too dependent on foreign VC?

Mar 2020

How are startups & tech impacted?

Health tech companies combating Covid-19

A small dose of optimism

Mobility industry preparing for “peak car”

Feb 2020

Berlin startup jobs jump to 78,000

City of Cologne launches an ecosystem map, powered by Dealroom

Retail Tech and the $26 trillion retail (r)evolution

Europe’s Most Prominent Venture Capital Investors 2020

Jan 2020

Food delivery wars: the next chapter

Presenting French Tech 120

Meet some of Europe’s fastest-growing startups at Velocity², co-hosted with Dealroom

UK tech leads global growth in venture capital in 2019

Dec 2019

2019 VC investment projected to exceed €40 billion in Europe & Israel

Berlin’s Purpose-driven & Smart City startups

Launching Europe’s Most Prominent Venture Capital Investors 2020

Another big upgrade of the Dealroom platform

$34 trillion in private wealth shifts focus to venture capital

Nov 2019

Meet Europe’s fastest-growing startups at Velocity², co-hosted with Dealroom

Launch of Latvian ecosystem map

Atomico’s State of European Tech 2019

Deep dive into Lithuania, the #4 ecosystem in Central & Eastern Europe

European VCs on track to raise record amounts of new capital in 2019

European startups meeting Sustainable Development Goals

Oct 2019

Rebels with a cause: mapping purposeful startups