Measure & grow your startup ecosystem

Launch your own dedicated startup ecosystem database, in your own brand. Leading tech hubs including the UK, France, Alberta, Atlanta, Melbourne, Taiwan, Berlin, Amsterdam, Pittsburgh and dozens of other hubs use the Dealroom Ecosystem Platform to have better data about their ecosystem, showcase it to the world and foster networking.

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Why build your own startup database?

  • Know how your ecosystem is doing

    It starts with having better data about your own startup ecosystem. This is the foundation to a deeper understanding of where things are going and how to support.

  • Unlock network effects through data transparency

    Unleash the potential in your ecosystem. The platform enables startups, angels, and investors find each other.

  • Put your startup ecosystem in the spotlight

    The database provides a platform to boost your visibility. Dealroom also helps drive engagement through research that not only gets headlines and drives conversations forward.

  • Fully managed data and dashboards

    The platform is a fully managed solution which means that you do not need to dedicate any of your own resources to maintain the platform. It’s just always there when you need it.

Here's what some of our partners have to say

  • France

    “Policy-making without data is like driving blindfolded. Not ideal when you have a crisis that needs you to floor the gas pedal.”

    Kat Borlongan

    Director @ La French Tech

  • The United Kingdom

    “The Tech Nation/Dealroom Data Commons is providing equality of access to information that we just haven’t seen in the UK before.”

    Dr. George Windsor

    Head of Insights @ Tech Nation

  • The Netherlands

    “With the TechLeap Finder (powered by we are making the power of the Dutch startup ecosystem visible, measurable, and actionable, next to raising the bar in data-driven policy making.”

    Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau

    Envoy @ TechLeap

  • Germany

    “We want to show to Berlin startups that we recognize their achievements for the city. And we can make better informed decisions for supporting activities.”

    Norbert Herrmann

    Startup Affairs

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