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Dealroom is the foremost data provider on startups, growth companies, and tech ecosystems and around the globe.

How we collect data

We combine machine learning and data engineering with robust verification processes and a strong network of ecosystems. These days, companies grow from seed stage to unicorn within a few years. Therefore historical data is no longer enough. The next big thing can emerge from anywhere in the world, not just Silicon Valley or other established tech hubs. Real-time data and predictive technology are required, using powerful algorithms.

  • Harvesting public info via machine learning and APIs

    We apply AI and algorithms to gather large quantities of data from public sources such as news, company filings, domain & trade registries, job boards, web and app store analytics, and investor portfolios among others.

  • Partnerships with governments on the Ecosystem Platform

    Our local government partnerships form an interconnected network, sharing data & knowledge. These win-win partnerships give Dealroom access to unique data and are possible thanks to an API-first approach.

  • Robust verification & validation processes

    Whether data is aggregated via AI or submitted by partners and users, we’ve always maintained extensive verification of data. This involves countless hours of manual work by our Intelligence Unit and of team analysts, assisted by proprietary verification software.

  • Data Science team & Intelligence Unit

    Our data science team crunches the data, using state-of-the-art tech including machine learning to uncover actionable predictions. Our Intelligence Unit is constantly on the lookout for new insights and trends.

How we're different

Good data is valuable by itself. Building an engaged community around that data is 10x more valuable however. Data transparency has the power to accelerate entrepreneurship and innovation. It does so by inspiring people and enabling better decision-making. Rather than treating data as something to be hoarded, our mission is to support startup ecosystems. This is not just talk. We've materialised it in several ways:

  • A solution with global coverage

    We provide global data coverage by working closely with key strategic partners in every major tech hub around the world.

  • Network of government partnerships

    Dealroom partners with over 60 local governments, ministries, EDOs and Trade & Investment organizations to bring transparency to tech ecosystems.

  • Leadership in research that supports ecosystems

    Quality research enables our clients to stay at the forefront of market developments and drive conversations forward.

Discover the world's most promising companies

With data on 2M+ companies globally and over 100 data points on each company, Dealroom helps you identify under-the-radar companies, perform in-depth analysis, and more.

  • Access the most comprehensive database of startups & scaleups

    Global data coverage includes:

    • 2.1M+ companies globally
    • 1.7M+ startups and 330K+ rounds
    • 120K+ investors and 605K+ people
    • 100+ data points on each company
    • And more
  • Up to 2.5x more data on European venture capital rounds

    What’s driving the superior data coverage:

    • Founded in Europe, with a vast network in the ecosystem
    • We work directly with top governments in Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia and trade registers around the globe
    • The vast majority of top-tier VC investors are clients and contribute

Trusted by leaders in tech & venture capital

Dealroom works with many of the world's most prominent investors, entrepreneurs, corporations, and government organizations to provide transparency, analysis, and insights on venture capital activity around the world.

  • “Dealroom is a trusted source for intelligence on high-growth companies. We made extensive use of both their data and in-depth analytical support during the preparation of our State of European Tech report. And hope to continue to do so for years to come.”

    Tom Wehmeijer

    Partner & Head of Research, Atomico

  • “I’ve checked a lot of databases like CrunchBase, PitchBook, and Dealroom. And I really feel that for the European markets, you have the best coverage and the most intuitive platform to find the startup data. Dealroom is the best choice for investors.”


    Rafal Janik

    Head of Communications, Alfabeat

Products & Services

As our client, you can use one or more of our products and services to gain valuable insights into your market.

  • Global Data Platform

    The most comprehensive database on startups, growth companies, and tech ecosystems around the world

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    Global Data Platform
  • API

    Power your existing data and apps with the most extensive API in the industry

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  • Ecosystem Platform

    Measure and promote your ecosystem with your own dedicated startup database

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    Ecosystem Platform
  • Bespoke Research

    When data alone isn’t the full answer to your business questions

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    Bespoke Research

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