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Texas is known for its strong economy and entrepreneurial spirit, making it a thriving hub for technology and innovation in the United States. The state’s startup ecosystem is characterized by a diverse range of industries, from oil and gas to healthcare and biotech.

Texas is currently ranked as the fourth largest state in the US for VC following only California, New York and Massachusetts.

It is home to over 7k funded startups distributed across several major cities, including Houston, Austin, and Dallas, amongst other startup hubs as well as over 70 unicorns.

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Venture Capital

By stage

Texan startups raised $10.2B of VC investment in 2022, representing the state's second best year to date for total VC investment.

While investment fell between 2021, amid a global pullback in venture capital investment, the drop in Texas was more modest than average levels seen across the US and globally.

Startup stage

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Breakout stage

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Scaleup stage

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By region

Austin, Houston, and Dallas are all major tech hubs in Texas. Austin is known for its startups and tech innovation, Houston is known for its healthcare and biotech innovation, and Dallas is known for its fintech innovation.

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By industry

Enterprise software, Health and Transportation startups in Texas have raised the highest VC funding in recent years.

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When comparing the industry investment against that of the US, Energy over-indexes compared the overall US tech ecosystem.


Texas is home to many household unicorn names such as Tesla, Bumble and The Boring Company.

As of 2023, there are over 70 verified unicorns that have come from Texas, making the state the 4th largest in the US by unicorn count.

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Most active investors in Texas

There are more than 300 investors based in Texas that have made more than 1 investment int. Of those investors headquartered in Texas, Seed investor 8VC has been the most active in the last five years.

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Combined with other innovation data, patent intelligence add an entirely different perspective to innovation mapping, with a different set of industry players and longer time horizons.

Looking at the different patent subclasses, Storage and Processors are historically the subclasses where patents are being the most filed in Texas.

Patents by subclass

Leading companies by patent filing count in Texas

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