New on Dealroom: Guides, patent intelligence, & more

Q1 may have been the slowest quarter for startup investment since 2020, but at Dealroom things have been moving at pace. Here’s how we’ve leveled up the product in the last three months:

  • Guides: data on key industries, geographies and trends at your fingertips

Essential industry data Guides 📊

Curated by the Dealroom Intelligence Unit, Guides help surface all the key data and insights on a given topic all in one place. All powered by Dealroom data and API, but without having to do all the searches yourself. Find definitive climate tech funding, enterprise value, industry segmentation and median round size data, etc all in one place. We’ve done the work for you. 

See them all here, or dive into a few of the most popular ones so far:

Let us know what topics you’d like to see next. 

Startup patent intelligence 💥

Powered by, Dealroom now tracks companies’ patent filings. Use the patent taxonomy as search criteria (e.g. to find companies with semiconductor patents, no more than $15M of funding, and founded in the last 5 years), and see a company’s patents distributed as a heatmap vizualisation (e.g. Oxford Nanopore’s patents in Materials and Electricals as well as Life Sciences).

We’re very excited for the power of this addition, a key piece in the puzzle of building a 360-degree understanding of every tech and innovation ecosystem.

Explore patents and patent heatmaps here.

#1 in early-stage funding coverage 🥇

Dealroom now tracks more early-stage funding rounds than the most well-known US startup data providers. Not just more in Europe. Or in EMEA. Globally

That means you’re using the best product for ensuring early-stage startups are on your radar.

People data & discovery ​​🔍

Our people data is now more powerful and intuitive to use. In addition to our existing investment filters, you can now refine your People search based on specific sectors like SaaS, Fintech, or Deep Tech. And company alumni can help surface the next-gen founders of the future.

What’s next

These are just a few of the major product, data, and research updates this quarter. In Q2, look forward to seeing a doubling down on early-stage startup coverage, increased coverage of private financials, and even more support for founders, showcase your startup to the world’s leading investors, startup talent and potential partners (i.e. for fundraising, hiring, and so on).

If you’re ready to learn more about Dealroom Premium, you can contact us here and we’ll be happy to discuss your use case.