Early-stage startup radar: comprehensive Seed-Series A funding coverage

TL;DR: Dealroom tracks more early-stage funding rounds than the most well known US startup data providers. Not just more in Europe. Or in EMEA. Globally. 

We’ve become the leader in global & US early-stage rounds…

Not just for one quarter or one year. Benchmarking all rounds of the last five years, Dealroom now has 15% more global early-stage rounds tracked than a competitor that rhymes with switchbook, and 20% more than the other one.

Dealroom leads the pack in terms of European early-stage rounds…

In Europe and Israel our early-stage round coverage is 27-33% more extensive than the most well-known providers. 

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How Dealroom clients use early-stage funding data

A few key use cases of early-stage funding data that Dealroom clients rely on include:

  • Build relationships early: Whether you’re looking for startups to invest in or partner with, having them on your radar is the first step, and building relationships before the competition is essential to healthy deal flow and partnership development.
  • Monitoring companies throughout the entire lifecycle: By tracking companies from their inception to unicorn status and beyond, investors gain key insights into market trends and can make more informed investment decisions.
  • Identify emerging trends: Analyzing early-stage funding data enables investors and other stakeholders to identify emerging trends in the industry and adjust their strategies accordingly.
  • Measure the growth of tech ecosystems: Tracking the growth of early-stage funding in a particular region provides valuable insights into the health and potential of that ecosystem, helping stakeholders to identify emerging trends and make strategic decisions.

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