Drag & drop to create your own industry landscapes

Industry landscapes have long been a popular tool for visualizing complex markets. Perhaps the best-known examples are the AdTech industry landscapes from Luma Partners.

The downsides of these static PDF landscapes: lack of further company info, hard-to-read logos, and painful to create. This is why we introduced a new feature, which lets you create interactive landscapes with simple drag & drop, directly from your saved lists on Dealroom.

To make your own interactive landscape, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Go to your previously saved lists or create a new saved list using the heart icon in the startups & scaleups table
  2. Select a list and click on the “Create landscape” button
  3. Create a category and drag and drop any company in the box

Examples of landscapes:

  • Alternative Protein (special thanks to Kevin Camphuis from ShakeUpFactory for help on this one)
  • Fintech including Banking, Insurance, Blockchain, Wealth Management, Lending, Payments and AI (special thanks to Finch Capital for the support).


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