Türkiye’s tech ecosystem has experienced one of the fastest growth among EMEA countries, increasing in value by 10x in five years.

Türkiye now stands out as one of the top ecosystems in MENA for VC investment raised and value created, with Istanbul and the Marmara region serving as its primary hubs.

Successes Getir and Trendyol raised more than $1B in VC investment over their lifetime.

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In 2021, venture capital investment in Turkish startups experienced a significant surge, growing more than 8x since 2020. 2022 was marked by a slowdown, though levels of investment were still high as rapid delivery giant Getir raised $768M in Q1 in a Series E round.

Early and breakout stage funding are steadily growing, reaching an all time high in 2022

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Early stage
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By industry

Compared to MENA average, Türkiye overindexes in Foodtech, Fashion and Homeliving, as Trendyol and Getir concentrate a significant share of Turkiye’s VC investment in the last five years.

Gaming is one of the fastest growing industries in Türkiye and ranks 2nd for VC investment raised in 2022, with mobile gaming at its center, with companies Dream Games, Spyke Games, Manc Games and Ace Games all raising breakout or late stage rounds.

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Global position

Türkiye ranks 2nd in MENA for total VC investment raised in between 2018 and 2022.

In the last two years, Türkiye is showing more resilience than other top MENA countries like UAE and Saudi Arabia.

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