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Quebec ranks among the second region in Canada for VC investment raised and is the birthplace of private unicorns such as Hopper or $1B+ exits like Clementia Pharmaceuticals and Lightspeed.

Discover 2600+ innovative companies, 2400+ funding rounds, 100+ investors in Quebec and Montreal.

Explore real-time data on the Startup Montreal tech ecosystem

Venture Capital

By investment stage

Below we break venture capital into three distinct stages:

  • Startup stage ($0-15M rounds)
  • Breakout stage ($15-100M rounds)
  • Scaleup stage ($100M+ rounds).

This provides more consistent and timeless segmentation of the startup & venture capital landscape (more so than self-reported round labeling, which are applied inconsistently, especially between business cycles).

Explore top funding rounds in Quebec startups.

Early-stage VC investment

Explore $0-15M VC investment rounds into Quebec startups here on the platform.

Breakout-stage VC investment

Explore $15-100M VC investment rounds into Quebec startups here on the platform.

Scaleup-stage VC investment

Explore $100M+ VC investment rounds into Quebec startups here on the platform.

By industry

This guide uses the standardized categorization and proprietary tech taxonomy developed by Dealroom.

Startups, as well as capital invested in them, are categorised under up to two industries as defined in Dealroom’s industry taxonomy. As such, double counting may occur.

Explore Quebec startup investment by industry here on the platform.

Quebec vs Canada vs investment trends

Quebec vs Global VC investment trends

Source of Capital

Source of the VC investment is based on the investor primary location. When multiple investors participate in a round, amount invested is equally divided between the co-participants.

Per region

Position in Canada

VC investment growth relative to Canada and selected Canadian provinces. We normalize the amount of VC investment raised in 2013 to 1 for each ecosystem, providing insights into their respective year-on-year growth.

For instance, Quebec grew 4.4x between 2013 and 2023, British Columbia 3.2x.



Combined with venture capital flows, startup formation and other innovation data, patents add an entirely new dimension to innovation mapping, with a different set of industry players and longer time horizons.

For more data & information on patents, click the following link  here.

Patent data includes encompasses all companies filing patent globally, startups or not.

Patents filed by classes since 2000

Montreal spotlight

For the purpose of this guide, Montreal refers to the Montreal CMM (Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal) ecosystem.

Close to 80% of VC investment raised in Quebec in the last five years came from Montreal startups.

Explore the latest rounds raised by Montreal startups.


Montreal globally

In Canada

In North America

Ecosystem benchmarking
Montreal ranks 39th worldwide and 16th in North America among Dealroom’s 2022 Global Tech Ecosystem top Trailblazers.

For more information, consult our guide on Top tech ecosystems.


This report uses US Dollars($) as standard reporting currency. Round stages and cutoffs are based on US Dollars.

Unless specified otherwise, this Guide includes both Quebec based startups, with their main center of business (HQ) in Quebec, and Quebec-founded startups, which relocated their HQ outside of the ecosystem.

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