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Dealroom Signal creates signal from the noise and makes finding the next big thing as easy as logging into your dashboard.

Discover promising companies before anyone else

Here are a few examples of how Dealroom Signal can add value to your work:

Discover the world’s most promising companies

Rather than creating a score about a startup’s general quality or performance, Dealroom Signal is specifically aimed at surfacing the most promising upcoming funding opportunities.

Find round-ready startups & scaleups

The algorithm is calibrated to find companies showing strong traction and which are predicted to be lining up for a funding event, or that are round-ready.

Take a data-driven approach to investing

Dealroom Signal includes over a dozen inputs, which can be summarised as follows:

  • Company growth
  • Job openings
  • Completion score and contextual data
  • Fundraising timeline
  • Team composition

Predictive intelligence throughout the entire startup lifecycle

Dealroom Signal is used by the top VCs, corporates, government enablers, and founders to:

  • Discover the most promising companies
  • Stay at the forefront of innovation
  • Measure the growth of tech ecosystems
  • Attract talent and fundraise

Regardless of your use case, Dealroom Signal provides predictive intelligence throughout the entire startup lifecycle.


Trusted by leaders in tech & venture capital

Dealroom Signal is used by the world's most prominent investors, entrepreneurs, companies, and tech ecosystems around the world.

Dealroom is a trusted source for intelligence on high-growth companies. We made extensive use of both their data and in-depth analytical support during the preparation of our State of European Tech report. And hope to continue to do so for years to come.

Tom Wehmeijer

Partner & Head of Research, Atomico

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