World-first space tech database

In a global first of its kind, we’re incredibly excited to launch a comprehensive database of space tech startups and innovation, in partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA), and Fondazione E. Amaldi.

This database will provide open access, reliable data on the global space tech ecosystem for the first time, and establish a common knowledge base and meeting place for the diverse stakeholders in the space tech ecosystem.

Open-access space tech exploration

The new database maps over 2,200 startups, and over 3,000 funding rounds for space tech startups globally.

Explore the Space Tech startup ecosystem

Access real-time insights on the space tech startups and scale-ups, and follow the latest funding rounds as they happen.

A new leading space tech taxonomy has been developed and implemented, in dialogue with the ESA and Amaldi Foundation, to enable detailed market-leading space tech startup discovery and exploration. Explore startups working on stratospheric balloons and platforms, satellite ground infrastructure, space utilities, and semiconductors for space, as well as relevant space tech applications for industries such as Health, Education, and Food.

space tech database

An expanding universe of startups and scaleups

While the biggest private space tech companies so far have been built in the US, Europe startups now account for a third of global space tech funding, overindexing compared to overall startup funding, where the figure is ~20%. In a vibrant emerging sector, 1,500 verified space tech startups and scaleups now call Europe home. With a combined enterprise value of €26B, these startups have grown up in the last 4 years in terms of value, and are based in important clusters spread across the continent, such as Harwell and Toulouse.

Some of the top players among European space tech startups & scaleups are OneWeb, ICEYE, Isar Aerospace, Kineis, Orbex Space, PLD Space, Arralis, Skyrora, Satlantis, and more, but there are also over 260 European space tech startups that have been founded since 2019

space tech database

Explore the Space Tech startup ecosystem

Up and to the right 🚀

The constellation of global space tech startups has been growing steadily, but can be said to still be a relatively early-stage industry. Global space tech funding hit €8.2B last year – a record – but a further €4.8B has already been raised so far in 2022.

With typically longer time horizons for deep tech startups, these figures may also show resilience compared to overall VC amid developing market uncertainty.

Hands-on demo to help you pilot the app

This platform has been built with and for the space tech community, but this is also just the start. We want to work with all corners of the space tech ecosystem to develop and crowdsource the most comprehensive coverage possible, and support the industry through data transparency.

Do watch the video below for a more in-depth platform demo, dive into the databased, and get in touch with what more we can do.

Explore the Space Tech startup ecosystem