Service-as-a-Software (yes, the other way around)

10 years in banking motivated us to rethink the corporate finance service model and the way it is best delivered. We like to call it: Service-as-a-Software (yes, the other way around, as this used to be a service that we deliver through software).

Our platform allows founders to collaborate directly with tech funds on new investments, follow-ons, and syndicates. We reduce the need for, and role of intermediation. It is a purpose-built platform for transaction process management:

✓ Upload documents securely
✓ Invite funds of your choice (new ones, or just existing relations, as you prefer)
✓ Online centralised workflow and collaboration
✓ Dataroom participants cannot see who else is in your dataroom

This redesigned service model not only benefits founders, but also investors. Venture capital has started to embrace software to identify opportunities, connect LPs with GPs, and more. The universe of potential buyers is diversifying: investment interest can come from unexpected corners. We connect professionals and opportunities across investor types (corporates, former executives, investor clubs) and across growth stages (from seed stage to private equity). Tech giants are emerging more rapidly: yes, it’s become a cliché, but growth trajectories of tech companies are becoming shorter. This is creating a need for real-time actionable data and intelligence.

How does it work and what is the pricing like?

We have a modular full-service model: pay only for what you need. Need only our dataroom and transaction collaboration platform? That’s free. Need introductions? Expand your own network by tapping into our unrivalled platform of 12,500+ companies and 1,000+ investors to choose from (including all top-tier funds). Need support with materials such as deck, and KPI materials? That’s possible. We’re 100% focused on internet companies and are well versed into its sub-verticals.

Are you planning any future funding or exit? If so we’d be glad to take a look to see how we can help.