Welcome to the new dealroom.co

For almost 10 years, I experienced first-hand the challenges in corporate finance intermediation that many of you will readily identify with. Much time is spent (and often wasted) on fishing for information, cold-calling, et cetera even when there’s not a good fit, or when it is not the right timing for the entrepreneur. Scouting for deal opportunities takes up more time than it should for Venture Capital firms. For founders of tech companies, keeping up relations with future investment funds, or launching a process can be a distracting task. Huge efficiency gains can surely be achieved by adding a pinch of automation and transparency to the process.

That’s why we are launching dealroom.co – the new way investors and tech companies are connected and share data.┬áBack in November 2012 when I was still at NOAH, we launched NOAH Insider, as some of you may remember. NOAH Insider was born out of the NOAH Conference, to connect attendees. As such, we already cover 4,000+ high quality tech companies in early, intermediate, and late stages companies. We also have over 400 investors on our platform, covering most tech investment activity.

In August 2013 I left NOAH, after four great years. Time had come to start something new. Working at NOAH has been extremely valuable and rewarding. And I am very thankful to the NOAH team. I take comfort in knowing that NOAH is stronger than ever; and they just hired two experienced bankers. Dealroom is completely independent, separately funded and led by a dedicated team.

At Dealroom, we operate across all investment stages, from seed stage to late growth stage. Dealroom enables investors to track every move of target companies. We also help funds to put their portfolio companies on the radar of later stage investors and industry buyers. Entrepreneurs will be able to take control of incoming investment interest more efficiently, and use Dealroom as their official channel for sending information to potential future investors.

If you’d like to understand more about how Dealroom can help you, please contact our team.

Yoram Wijngaarde, Founder
The Dealroom Team