Viva Las Vegas: City of Lights gets first dedicated startup database in the US

Vegas baby! We’ve exciting to launch to first dedicated database for a US startup ecosystem, mapping the Las Vegas startup and venture capital ecosystem, in partnership with Nevada non-profit accelerator StartUpNV and the City of Las Vegas.

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The open-access platform is designed to provide transparency across the Las Vegas ecosystem of startups, investors, corporates, and government players, enable real-time tracking of Vegas ecosystem health like never before, and foster the partnerships required to help the next generation of innovators succeed on the global stage. 

The new map reveals macro trends as well as granular data 

This comprehensive platform showcases the Las Vegas startup ecosystem, which now has a combined enterprise value of $4 billion. Examples of data you can find on the platform include:

  • 6 unicorns (companies valued at $1 billion or more) headquartered in Las Vegas
  • 6 future unicorns ($200 million to $800 million current valuation) in Las Vegas
  • Record investment in 2021: so far the capital invested has already doubled  
  • Investment by industry heatmap, showing FinTech and Gaming as strengths
  • Sightline payments’ $244 million growth equity is one of the big wins for the ecosystem in 2021 

“StartUpNV focuses on making it easier for entrepreneurs and investors to connect and on building the startup ecosystem to diversify our local economy,” said Jeff Saling, executive director of StartUpNV.  “The Dealroom platform is a groundbreaking development that houses a wide breadth of information of interest to startups, investors, and all who are interested in economic development in Las Vegas. Having  this information readily available and transparent will encourage investment and foster growth.” 

“The city of Las Vegas is a dynamic city that is full of opportunity,” the city of Las Vegas Economic and  Urban Development Acting Director Ryan Smith said. “Businesses from around the world naturally  have an interest in our city and we want to ensure that we are sharing data and demographics about our  community that can lead to wise investment and new industry in Las Vegas.” 

A community-driven resource

This is an open-access and collaborative database, where partners and startups can add their company details to both gain exposure to the world’s top VCs who, and play their part in raising the profile of a burgeoning Las Vegas startup ecosystem to startup communities at home and abroad.  

Explore the Las Vegas startup database