Vienna startup database – mapping Austria’s capital city 

As of today, Vienna has its own online startup ecosystems solution powered by Dealroom, and is the first Austrian ecosystem to join the global network. Initiated by Vienna Business Agency, the new dedicated startup database catalogues the City’s rapidly evolving startup tech scene, mapping companies, investors, and support organisations in detail.


Local transparency and international visibility 

The database covers over 990 startups and scaleups, 190 investors, and more than 670 funding rounds and exits. This open-access platform is specifically designed to support scaling tech communities, with reliable intelligence and new insights. Investors and venture capital firms can now discover the most promising startups and scaleups before everyone else, track exceptional founders, perform market research and analysis across industries and locations. Entrepreneurs can profile their company to industry stakeholders by adding or claiming their business to the database. The open-access platform is designed to provide transparency, real-time tracking of the ecosystem’s health and helps foster partnerships.


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This data is now collected all in one place and in an internationally comparable manner. The Vienna startup database joins many other tech and startup ecosystem solutions worldwide, including the UK, France, Las Vegas, Berlin, and Amsterdam. 


Macro trends and fine-grain data

Examples of data you can find on the platform:

In addition to uncovering macro trends and headline figures about tech in Vienna, the database offers investment-grade company-level data on all startups, scaleups and corporates catalogued.


Finding and seeing jobs

The Vienna startup database has integrated job openings for startups, scaleups, and high-growth companies directly on the platform. 

The job-openings tool allows users to browse through the available job opportunities in the city based on location, job type, market and type, size of the company, and more.


A collaborative ecosystem

This inclusive, open-access startup database gives the most detailed picture of the Vienna tech ecosystem of any data solution. But we want it to be even better. Profile your company to industry stakeholders by adding or claiming your business. Share the database with your network. And help us fill in the gaps.

We know the power of data in unlocking potential, and this startup database is specifically designed to support scaling tech hubs, with reliable intelligence and new insights.

Explore the Vienna startup database