Unlock advanced insights with easy-to-use revamped heatmaps 

At Dealroom we’re always working to enable our customers to uncover new insights and spot trends before anyone else. We strive to do so by building powerful yet intuitive and easy-to-use features. And we’ve just launched some of our most interesting yet.

We’ve taken the Dealroom heatmaps tool to the next level, making it even easier to customize and visualize the data you’re interested in.

Here’s what’s new:

Use the new drop down to toggle between countries, cities, industries and business models visualised.


Refine your data view by applying filters.

Drill down by location, industry/vertical, company size, round and more.

Try out the heatmaps

Let’s look at some examples.

Discover the European hubs of Machine Learning.

Select cities in the drop down, and add Machine Learning as a filter in the keywords search bar.

Continue adding filters on things like round or company size to find the trend data you’re looking for.

Find out where non-UK European VC is being deployed in Europe.

Get super detailed. Maybe you want to see where continental European capital has been spent in Europe in the last seven years. Try excluding the UK as a source of funds from your search. Outlier mega-rounds might skew your results. Try excluding rounds of over $250m.

Find out which countries have seen the most fintech exits.

Select the Exits heatmap, and add fintech as a filter. Change the view from amount to number of rounds, and find Spain ahead of France and Germany in 2020.

Again switch to cities in the drop down, and find out which hubs are the most active. Some are more surprising that others.

See where VCs are still raising funds.

Dealroom also tracks the new funds raised by investors. Select investor types and fund sizes, and see how 2020 compares to previous years, in different cities, countries, regions or sectors.

If you are a Dealroom premium user, you can also export the data for further analysis.

As well as being insightful, these tools are also fun to play around with, so get exploring!

Try out the heatmaps