Top Web3 Startups

Top Web3 Startups

We’ve ranked the top Web3 startups to watch based on Dealroom Signal: a powerful algorithm helping VCs, Corporates and Governments find the most promising up and coming startups.

Web 3.0 is a new vision of the internet owned by the builders and users, orchestrated by tokens. In web 3.0, websites and apps are able to read, write, and verify data in a decentralized manner. Let’s break down what that means by looking at where we came from with web 1.0 and 2.0.

The first iteration of the internet—web 1.0—was called “static internet” where websites were read-only, meaning you couldn’t post comments or content on these sites. Where Web 2.0 users could both consume and create content themselves, which led way to social media as we know it today.

Web 3.0 can be described as the ability to read, write, and verify ownership in the digital world. This means users can not only interact with the website and apps they use, but they can also maintain ownership of their data while interacting with Web3 and verify ownership of digital assets. Blockchain is considered a key enabler of this web 3.0 vision.

Although Web3 is still an emerging field, more than $40B has been invested in innovative startups working across many industries. The web 3.0 startups in this list range from blockchain infrastructure, cryptocurrencies, NFT platforms, DeFi, blockchain developers tools, blockchain analytics, and more.

Top Web3 Startups

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