Top Impact Tech Startups

Top Impact Tech Startups

We’ve ranked the top impact tech startups globally to watch based on Dealroom Signal.

Impact-driven startups are on the rise as they reveal their immense potential for the future of our planet. Impact startups refer to early-stage companies that create measurable social and environmental rewards for the planet, in addition to economic rewards for their investors.

Impact goals vary widely for startups, although a few of the most common themes include climate action, affordable and clean energy, sustainable cities and communities, gender equality, hunger and poverty, and quality education.

Impact startups raised $66B in investments last year and there are now 193 impact-related unicorns globally. The future is green, and these are the top impact startups creating positive social, environmental, and economic returns to watch.

Top Impact Tech Startups

Instead of thinking of this list as a ranking of the “best impact startups,” see it as the top impact tech startups to watch based on their fundraising timeline, growth indicators, founding team, and a number of other factors.

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