Top 100 marketplaces to watch

We’ve ranked the top 100 marketplaces to watch based on Dealroom Signal: a powerful algorithm helping VCs, Corporates and Governments find the most promising up and coming startups.

Marketplaces and e-commerce connect buyers and sellers to goods and services to be bought, sold or exchanged, providing a shared space for transactions. They’ve also steadily gained control of value chains over time, bringing together back-end services. As a result, marketplaces and e-commerce platforms reach across practically all industries and are worth over 20% of the total global startup enterprise value.

Just as we’re seeing investors now looking at less risky assets as interest rates are raised, this “flight to quality” is also happening in startups. Europe had its second highest semester in funding while the number of rounds fell 27% – encouraging companies on the up and up are still being funded. As different stakeholders fight to be close to the most promising startups, Dealroom Signal can help filter through the clutter and show previously overlooked companies.

Key insights:

Don’t think of Dealroom Signal as a ranking database of the “best startups” in the Marketplace industry, but rather the top startups to watch based on their fundraising timeline, growth indicators, founding team, and a number of other factors.

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Top 100 Marketplace Startups to Watch