Top 100 fintech startups to watch

We’ve ranked the top 100 fintech startups to watch based on Dealroom Signal: a powerful algorithm helping VCs, Corporates and Governments find the most promising up and coming startups.

Fintech is the intersection between finance and technology. It utilizes both the use of new technologies and business models to offer digital financial services to consumers and businesses, while also building better infrastructure and back-end to deliver financial services.

Fintech is the biggest sector for VC funding, attracting 20% of all investments. Fintech companies raised $128B in investments last year, and there are now more than 500 fintech unicorns globally. As different stakeholders race to be the first to find the most promising fintech startups, the Dealroom Signal can help filter through the clutter and show previously overlooked companies.

With Dealroom Signal, we broke down the Fintech industry into several sectors that include Payments, Banking, Lending & Mortgages, Wealth Management and Investments, Insurtech, Financial Management Solutions, RegTech and Crypto and DeFi. As well as many enabling technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Blockchain.

Here are some key insights you’ll discover while exploring the top 100 fintech startups.

Key insights:

Don’t think of Dealroom Signal as a ranking database of the “best startups” in the Fintech industry, but rather the top startups to watch based on their fundraising timeline, growth indicators, founding team, and a number of other factors.

Be the first to try out and explore the top 100 fintech startups based on Dealroom’s data-driven algorithm.

Top 100 Fintech Startups to Watch