Top 100 energy startups to watch

We’ve ranked the top 100 energy startups in Europe to watch based on Dealroom Signal.

Europe is in an energy crisis and things are going to get worse. Due to the reduction of imports from Russia, electricity prices in Europe have increased by almost 300% in 2022. The average household bill in the UK will almost double to £3,549 (€4,204) and small business risk getting crushed under the weight of the increasing costs.

Within startup ecosystems, energy is one of the few industries bucking the current global trend of a pullback in venture capital, as the global urgency for energy security and affordability is felt, and as novel innovation continues at pace.

Energy startups can play a big role in helping out in the current crisis and most of all work towards a future of sustainable, reliable and secure energy supply in Europe.

Startups in this list are working on renewable and clean energy production (solar energy, wind energy, nuclear energy), energy efficiency (green buildings, heating and cooling), energy storage, green hydrogen, heat pumps and much more.

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Discover the 100 of the most promising up-and-coming energy startups in Europe.

This list is purely data-driven based on our Dealroom Signal, which you can learn more about here.