Top 100 Alternative Protein startups

Alternative protein has been one of the fastest growing segments in Foodtech. Between 2016 and 2021, VC investment grew 17x to $5.1 billion. With $2.7 billion, this year’s VC investment has slowed down compared to 2021 and 2020. However, there are still many promising and investible startups.

We’ve ranked the top alternative protein startups to watch globally based on Dealroom Signal. In the Top 100 list, 38 of the startups are based in Europe, followed by 33 in the USA and 20 in Asia.

Don’t think of this as a ranking the “best startups” in food delivery, but instead as the top startups to watch based on their fundraising timeline, growth indicators, founding team, and a number of other factors.

As we gather more data, we’ll update this list later in the future to reflect changes happening in these companies and were they stand.

Who made the top 10 of the top 100 alternative protein startups to watch?

2️⃣ Formo
3️⃣ Wildtype
4️⃣ SomaLogic
5️⃣ Remilk
6️⃣ Meati
7️⃣ Meatable
8️⃣ Stockeld Dreamery
9️⃣ Float Foods

Don’t miss the latest up-and-coming alternative startups, access the full list here: Take a look at who made the cut.

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