The top VC investors in healthtech

Knowing the most relevant investors for your business can save time, increase chances of investment success and provide a starting point in an often complex and opaque investment landscape.

Data can help surface the most active investors in a given space, and act as a practical pointer for founders.

The healthtech industry has seen remarkable growth in recent years, becoming the fifth biggest sector for VC investment after fintech, energy, transportation, and biotech & pharma (which we separate from Healthtech).

From telemedicine platforms to wearable devices, artificial intelligence-driven diagnostics to digital therapeutics, technology is driving transformative changes and reshaping the way we approach healthcare. 

However, for startups and entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in this field, securing the right investors is crucial for success. Here are the investors actively backing healthtech entrepreneurs.


Most active healthtech investors

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One of the standout investors in the health tech sector is OrbiMed. Since 2018, they are the most active venture capital investors in the health tech space. Their investments in companies such as Insulet and Argenx have catapulted these startups to success, making OrbiMed an attractive option for entrepreneurs seeking funding and mentorship.

Another prominent player in the health tech investment landscape is SOSV. SOSV has always demonstrated a keen interest in supporting startups that are at the forefront of technology-driven healthcare solutions early on with a preference for Seed rounds. Since 2018, they are the most active venture capital investors in the health tech space. 


Most active investors in digital therapeutics

Getting more specialized, the healthtech segment of Digital Therapeutics has been going through a recent rapid emergence. These are the investors backing the newest breakthroughs early doors.

Known for its deep industry expertise and strategic partnerships, SOSV also has made significant investments in digital therapeutics companies, recognizing the immense potential of software-based interventions in managing and preventing medical conditions. Their portfolio includes several well-known names in the digital therapeutics space, such as Flow Neuroscience and Feel, showcasing their commitment to driving innovation in this field.


JAZZ Venture Partners has also emerged as a significant player. With a specific focus on digital therapeutics, they have built an impressive portfolio that includes successful startups like Mahana Therapeutics and AppliedVR.  

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