The State of European Food Tech 2018

Together with Five Seasons Ventures, the food tech VC firm, we have published a new research report on the State of European Food Tech. It will be presented today (October 18th) at the Future Food Tech conference in London.

The report shows that 35 Food tech unicorns have created a combined value of €169 billion globally. Europe has so far excelled in Food Delivery, in particular, and five global delivery leaders have created €21B in value from €3B of VC investment, during the past five years.

The 2018 investment in the next generation of leaders, which would reinvent a 210x larger market than food delivery, is estimated at €1B (growth of 63% per year since 2013). Read the complete report to find out more:

The State of European Food Tech 2018

Download the free 20-page report.

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