The Odense startup database – spotlight on the robotics capital of Denmark

Introducing a brand new startup and venture capital database dedicated to the robotics ecosystem of Odense, Denmark.

Odense has developed a thriving robotics industry that is attracting attention the world over. This brand new startup database initiated by Odense Seed and Venture and powered by Dealroom, shines a light on one of the most important robotics hubs in Europe, tracking an extensive network of robotics startups, scaleups, corporates and investors.

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Odense joins a network of over 20 international startup ecosystems powered by Dealroom. At time of launch, the dynamic database catalogues and tracks:

  • 175 startups and scaleups
  • 1,903 startup jobs
  • 131 VC investors
  • 96 corporates

To mark the launch of the database, we’ve put together the very first in depth report on the Odense robotics investment landscape. Demonstrating just how significant a robotics hub it is, if Odense was a country, it would rank 5th in Europe for robotics investment.

Report - The State of the Robotics Investment Landscape – Odense, Denmark

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Lars Rønn, Partner at Vækstfonden, the Danish state investment fund said “The ecosystem is growing at a path and pace which is outstanding, which is attracting awareness globally, not just in Denmark. The Odense Robotics ecosystem is unique on a European level, taking a leading role.”

The latest big names of OnRobot and Blue Ocean Robotics, as well as 173 more rising robotics stars tracked on the Odense database, have emerged in a mature robotics ecosystem. The cluster has seen 7 acquisitions and 3 IPOs since 2015, worth a combined €441M.

“I don’t think anybody has seen the limits of it yet”

And having already produced some significant exits, Helge Holm-Larsen, Managing Director of Syddansk Innovation believes it’s still just the start for Odense robotics: “I don’t think anybody has seen the limits of it yet, but it’s growing by leaps and bounds. There’s a lot of positive reinforcement in the cluster.”

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“Where the brains meet the capital”

The positive reinforcement of the cluster is seen as local talent and exit capital are being recycled within the ecosystem, which is seen as particularly collaborative.

Michael Tandrup, Partner & CEO at Nordic Eye Venture Capital told us “I’m really fond of the environment that has been created. It an environment where the brains meet the capital to create community”

Since 2015, Odense robotics startups have closed 70 funding rounds, compared to 26 for the rest of Denmark combined, showing that there is a pipeline of rising stars in the region.

And OnRobot are among the companies leading the charge. When asked about their plans, OnRobot CEO Enrico Krog Iversen simply told us “We very clearly want to become THE leading global one-stop-shop for all the products and technologies you need to develop and deploy collaborative applications. We want to facilitate global and affordable robot automation”

Report - The State of the Robotics Investment Landscape – Odense, Denmark

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