The City of Malaga, together with ProMalaga, launches startup ecosystem database

The City of Malaga, together with Promalaga, the municipality’s Company of Business Initiatives and Activities, has launched its own online startup ecosystem database, powered by Dealroom. The new platform provides data and intelligence on startups, innovation, investors, funding rounds, and many other insights. 


Explore the Malaga startup database


This open-access platform is specifically designed to support scaling tech communities, with reliable intelligence and new insights. The new mapping of this innovation ecosystem will facilitate data-driven policy and decision making, the sharing of cross-industry knowledge, and will foster the partnerships required to help the next generation of innovators succeed on the global stage. 


Malaga’s innovation ecosystem is now worth €401M in combined enterprise value 


The database shines a light on overarching trends and headline figures as well as detailed data on startups, scaleups, and corporates in the region; covering over 220 startups and scaleups, 27 investors & accelerators, and much more. 


Examples of data you can find on the platform:


Finding jobs


The Malaga database has also integrated a job opening tool for startups, scaleups, and other high-growth companies directly into the platform. It allows an overview of the currently open positions in the ecosystem and searches based on location, job type, company size, and more. 


The data is open-access and collaborative 


This new database not only offers the most detailed picture of the Malaga tech scene up until now but it’s also a collaborative project. Any startups, investor, or other ecosystem stakeholders can also add their company details themselves and enhance their profile providing open access to data for the community. More accuracy and transparency in the data will not only improve Malaga’s local ecosystem connectivity but will also help put the City on the map internationally as a promising new hub for tech and innovation. 

Explore the Malaga startup database