Startups: job growth engine in the Netherlands

In partnership with CBRE and with support from (formerly StartupDelta), Dealroom just launched its latest and most extensive ever startup employment report, focusing on economic impact of startups in the Netherlands.

This report is a continuation of an earlier report in partnership with StartupAmsterdam.

Findings of the report:

  1. Startups are adding jobs faster than any individual sector. Between December 2016 and December 2018, Startup added 19.7K jobs since 2016 and now contribute 108k nationwide jobs
  2. While a small number of unicorns determine investment returns, jobs are more evenly distributed (89% of jobs from startups with less than 500 employees, and 55% of startups having 10 or fewer employees)
  3. While startups are (justifiably) seen as risky, in aggregate they provide stable job growth: 81% of the startups gew the number of jobs. Only 15% saw a decline in their number of jobs
  4. Venture backed startups scale 3x faster, by number of employees. Hence, venture capital is a catalyst for growth. And to attract venture capital, unicorn-type outcomes are still necessary
  5. Analysis by CBRE shows that 43% of startups reside in non-office buildings. Only a third of startups are located in the capital, with 66% distributed across the rest of the Netherlands

Report - Startups: job growth engine in the Netherlands