Non-alcoholic beverage startups

Functional and non-alcoholic beverage startups are expected to grow two-fold by 2030!

More consumers are looking to healthier and sustainable alternatives. With many Gen-Z buyers rethinking their consumption of alcohol, and companies promoting more sober-friendly spaces and events, this is expected to be a growing category in the coming years.

While most are familiar with the ‘mocktail,’ or the non-alcoholic version of a cocktail, foodtech startups are also tapping into the functional beverage market. This mostly non-alcoholic beverages category typically includes added ingredients and health-related supplements, which includes prebiotic/probiotic drinks, protein/nutritional shakes, vitamin waters, and more.

We’ve looked at 150+ startups that enrich beverages with vitamins, prebiotics, natural ingredients and low-sugar content. With $25B of combined enterprise value, it is still a relatively small category.

In 2021, $649M was raised by startups in the category. About a third of it was contributed by China-based unicorn Genki Forest. There’s one more $1B+ company in the category, Celsius. Non-alcoholic beverage companies such as Uncle Nearest and Big Drop Brewing have also raised capital.

With more sober and sober-curious consumers looking to enjoy non-alcoholic drinking options,  we’re hoping to expand the list of startups in this landscape and will look to create better, specific tagging as this space continues to grow.

Combined EV of Functional and Non-Alcoholic Beverage Startups

non-alcoholic beverage startups

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