Private Startups’ Revenue Prediction

TL;DR: We’ve added revenue estimates for over 16,000 private startups. 

High-quality data about private companies’ revenues and other financials are scarce and often incomplete.

To fill these gaps, we’ve integrated trade register filings with our own proprietary revenue prediction algorithm to create a complete view of a company’s books.  

We took all private companies with at least one year of revenue data and used company growth (i.e. employee count) to predict the missing data points. These estimates are also refined against private companies with complete revenue data as benchmarks.

In short, these revenue estimates are “educated guesstimates” based on available financials, our own predictive algorithm, and industry benchmarks.

You will now find estimates highlighted in blue alongside the company’s financials (e.g. OpenAI shown below). You can also access all the startups that currently have financial estimates here.

As a next step, we are going build on the same high-quality data to predict revenues for private companies with no financials at all based on company growth and Dealroom taxonomy across business models and industries. 

If you have any questions about these estimates or would like a demo, you can always contact us here and we’ll be happy to help.