Regenerative agriculture

The loss of fertile soil poses a series threat to food production in the future. Soil erosion is already costing USA farmers as much as $100M per year. Startups and scaleups could provide a tech solution to a global issue by developing and innovating regenerative agriculture, which consists of farming practices that help rebuild organic soil and biodiversity.

The combined enterprise value of the regenerative agriculture market is $6.1B, 90% of which is contributed by the unicorns Indigo and Pivot Bio. VC investment in regenerative agriculture has been relatively small and volatile. However, Pivot Bio‘s $430M Series D last year is a sign of how much the opportunity could be.

Some other companies within the sector include Agreena, which issues CO2 certificates to farmers who switch to regenerative agriculture practices, and  Loam Bio uses microbes to isolate carbon in farm soils. It increases the plants ability to store CO2 in the soil, making the capacity permanent. Even major food and beverage companies like Nestle, Mars and PepsiCo have also started initiatives on regenerative farming.

On, we’ve mapped 20+ regenerative agriculture startups developing and innovating farming practices that help rebuild organic soil and biodiversity. Discover these companies today by clicking the button below. 👇

20+ regenerative agriculture startups