Recruitment marketplaces

The US and Europe have reached a historically high level of job openings and low levels of unemployment. Companies have to focus on not only streamlining their hiring process and trying to hire the best, but also convince candidates that they are the best option out there.

Recruitment marketplaces could offer the tech solution to the tackle the shifting global job market.

Recruitment marketplaces are worth $86B, stable in relation to 2021. While funding has decreased 23% from H2 2021 and reached $1.3B in H1 2022.

With large offerings for jobs and low unemployment, candidates increased their leverage and effectively made companies compete more fiercely for talent.

Recruitment marketplaces have shifted to owning more of their value chain and allowing recruiters to optimize workflows & reduce back office work, engage candidates and use data to better predict future performance of employees.

As workforces are continuously more remote (22% of Americans are predicted to work online in 2025), marketplaces are also allowing companies to access more candidates outside of their networks and recruitment agencies.

We have compiled a ranked list of over 3000+ Recruitment marketplaces based on their Dealroom Signal. Check them out below! 👇



3000+ recruitment marketplaces