Real estate – search, buy, rent

Search, Buy & Rent marketplaces are disrupting new asset types to enable and facilitate transactions. Real estate represents almost half of total segment value but have seen a steep decline in EV and funding since 2020.

This week Casavo, an Italian proptech focused on “flipping” properties for a profit, raised over EUR400M in financing to expand into a new market. As the segment within real estate is a typically slow moving and complex market, startups focus on specific niches to generate enough value to disrupt the market.

Search, Buy & Rent real estate marketplaces contain over 45% of the total EV in the segment, but have declined in 17% since 2020 and currently stand at $112B in EV and funding has declined almost 60% since 2020. Even with the negative news, real estate remains one of the biggest asset classes in the world and one of the lowest tech adopters. There is plenty of room for marketplaces to still carve out of the market.

We have compiled a list of over 600+ Search, Buy & Rent marketplaces along with the leading players of the sector. Check it out below! 👇


600+ Search, Buy and Rent marketplaces