Revenue data, granular search, & more

A tightened venture market makes smart deal sourcing all the more important. In Q2 we brought a suite of new startup detection tools to the Dealroom platform, including: 

  • Revenue data for private startups
  • Granular keyword search
  • Trade register numbers
  • Dealroom Signal for bootstrapped startups
  • The founder toolkit

Revenue data for private startups 

Revenue is in. We’ve introduced revenue data (actual & estimates) for over 180k+ private startups. 🎯 

Whether assessing multiples, growth or hunting the next $100M ARR centaur startup, revenue data is key. And high-quality data about private companies’ re

venues and other financials are notoriously scarce and often incomplete.

We’ve integrated trade register filings with our own proprietary revenue prediction algorithm to create a complete view of a company’s books. These are “educated guesstimates” based on available financials, our own predictive algorithm, and industry benchmarks. 

Ex. Deel is shown below – can they maintain their 100%+ growth rate and hit 1B ARR in 2024?

Granular keyword search 

Our keyword search functionality has had a major upgrade: it’s now more granular and even easier to use. 

We’ve added more company metadata behind the scenes, paired with a simpler search function, to make it much easier to

 discover promising companies in the exact area of activity you’re interested in.

Try it out for yourself with these examples:

Trade register numbers

Trade register numbers are now available in both the Dealroom data platform and API, connecting you to Companies House and other company filing registries.

Our current coverage includes over 100,000 companies in the UK, covering ~80% of VC-backed companies. This rollout is just the beginning; we are currently working to integrate data from 50+ global trade registers, including France, Germany, and the United States. In the meantime, you can check out funded companies in the UK here.

Ex. TravelPerk

Dealroom Signal update 📈

Dealroom Signal, our powerful predictive algorithm to discover promising companies, has had a big algo update.

In short, it’s now more nuanced when considering investment-readiness timing, and it’s got much more depth in surfacing fast-growing bootstrapped startups.

The Founder’s Toolkit

We released a suite of features specifically for founders to accelerate and amplify their startups.

  • Pitch: founders can add their pitch deck, product details or employer branding directly to their company profile on Dealroom.
  • Fundraising: founders can flag that they are actively fundraising for their company.
  • Access: founders can claim enhanced access to Dealroom for three months, to track industry trends, and crucially source potential investors for their business.

Let us know how you’re finding and using the updates, and what you’d like to see next. Lots more on the roadmap coming soon 👀