Physician burnout: tooling the physicians of the future

The current healthcare environment – with its packed work days, demanding pace, time pressures, staff shortage and emotional intensity – is primed for physician burnout.

Even before Covid-19, 40% of physicians said they felt burned out. The pandemic was a tipping point as 67% healthcare workers screened positive for burnout and 34% of nurses had plans to leave their job.

However, there is a silver lining as a new generation of tools is emerging. European startups are working to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) and digital health technologies to help ease the burden on maxed-out MDs. Download our latest briefing covering the European startups addressing physician burnout in healthcare.

Report - Tooling the Physicians of the Future

European startups tackling physician burnout are now worth a combined $25B, up 4.9x since 2018. 

The cohort founded after 2010 is the largest by number of startups and concentrates over 80% of value. Doctolib, CMR Surgical and Dental Monitoring leading as the highest valued startups.

European VC investment into physician burnout startups has increased 2.7x since 2018, to $1.2B in 2022.

In 2022, European physician burnout startups raised $1.2B, although this is a 40% drop compared to full year 2021, it’s still higher than 2020 levels. 

The UK leads by the largest number of startups and amount of VC investment raised since 2018, comprising over 30% of the total VC investment since 2018.

Treatment assistance attracted the bulk of investment since 2018.

Treatment Assistance raised $1.3B since 2018 (or over 25% of the total VC investment). 

The second most funded segment is front & back office at $1B, leading in number of rounds during the same time period.