New on Dealroom: Job openings, flexible search and build-your-own charts

We know it’s not long since we shared some upgrades we’d made to the Dealroom platform, but our product team has been busy. Here’s what’s new.

First off if you’re returning to Dealroom, you might notice we’ve tweaked the sidebar. Next to the tabs you’re used to on the sidebar, we’ve also included job openings, ecosystems, and the heatmaps are now called investment heatmap.

✨ We’ve added job openings to Dealroom ✨

We’ve partnered with Indeed, Welcome to the Jungle and to integrate job openings for startups, scaleups and high-growth companies directly into Dealroom. It’s now got its very own tab in the side menu, from where you can browse through all the available job opportunities directly in table view, and filter the view to find jobs based on location, job type, market and type, size of the company and more. 

Enter a keyword in the search bar, use the dropdown menus or the advanced filters. Then simply view and apply. (Good luck!)

See all job openings

The new job openings tab in the sidebar is the fastest way to find new job opportunities, but there’s a few more ways you can explore and use the new jobs data on Dealroom too. 

Already have a company in mind? Nice. Search for the company in the lookup bar and choose the company. On their profile, head over to the Jobs tab to see all the openings they currently have. 

See jobs at Lilium

Job openings as growth signal

You may be interested in which companies are hiring, beyond looking for a new job. Say you’ve made a query and want to see how many job openings those companies have, to understand their growth trajectory, then:

  1. Click on “…”on the right side of the dropdown header and select & move the job opening columns to the top
  2. Sort by nr. of job openings

Sort by job openings


This update, we’ve also added some super easy-to-use and insightful tools to compare tech ecosystems in different geographies at the click of a button. Create charts and compare your preferred locations based on number of startups, unicorns, future unicorns and more. 

Using the comparison tool, you can also compare these metrics side-by-side, and add or remove the metrics you’re interested in. 

Start building charts

The keyword search

Our search functionality just got more powerful and flexible than ever. Forgot the name of a certain company but do remember what the company is all about? No need to stress, you can now search for a specific word of a company within the tagline of their profile, directly on the companies table.

Simply type in a keyword, e.g AI, and click enter or select the keyword from the dropdown. You’ll now see all companies that have the word ‘AI’ in their name or the tagline. 

Start using keywords

We’re excited that the latest updates will improve the Dealroom experience more than ever before. But do let us know what you think of the new features, and what you’d like to see next.