Mortgage & Lending marketplaces

Mortgage & lending marketplaces

Mortgage & Lending marketplaces EV has remained stable since last year while public startups in the segment have lost 26% in value compared to 36% in public marketplaces as a whole. Q2 VC funding was the lowest quarter since 2020, with $1B raised. That represents a 44% drop since last quarter.

Default rates have also reached a low of 1.96%, the lowest rate since 2007 Рbut this is mostly driven by spillover effects from government financial support through the pandemic and low unemployment rates, which are expected to diminish in the coming months.

Mortgage & Lending marketplaces will need to improve predictive power of customer defaults, and provide more auxiliary value generation products to capture more of their value chain to stay afloat. Especially as they race to capture less credit-worthy clients accepting high interest rates to maintain revenue growth.

Mortgage & lending marketplaces

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