Mobility and automobile trading marketplaces

mobility marketplaces

Mobility marketplaces have increased 1.8x in EV since 2017 while funding has dropped significantly over the past 3 years. Mobility marketplaces are now worth over $205B but funding has slowed down in the segment, with the previous 3 years having raised less than the 3 before.

Cash intensive gig economy marketplaces were the models of funding success, but have proven to lack profitably long term and bring with them competitors with deep pockets.

While giants like Uber, Bolt and Lyft have dominated the mobility marketplace space, smaller niches have been gaining relevance such as B2B Auto Trading with Cars2Click, Carmarketplace and 2trde. 2trde CEO Johannes Stoffel, spoke on their company’s strategy for tackling B2B segments:

“We are also looking at ways to enable more liquidity in the B2B segment, by offering technology and connecting the points. We want to be a marketplace that covers all activities that need to be done, consequently making this space as liquid as possible.”

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