Medical education and training

Lifelong learning is essential in healthcare. Startups are developing new technologies and learning services for medical students and professionals to improve their knowledge throughout their career.

Medical education and training startups have raised more than $845M globally since 2019. Global VC funding has gone from $26M in 2018 to $281M in 2022 YTD, a 11x increase. Only this year, 69% of total investment corresponds to rounds above $40M, like Proximie ($80M), Osso VR ($66M) and Labster ($47M).

Today, medical education and training startups have a combined enterprise value of $4.2B, a 7x increase since 2018. Afya is the most valued company so far ($1.1B), followed by Beijing Ouyi Technology ($400—600M) and Proximie ($320—480M).

On Dealroom, we’ve mapped medical education and training startups, from practical training courses to cognitive simulators for surgical training to enable surgeons and trainees to have a better visualisation of e.g veins, organs and incisions.


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