Emissions-tackling Marketplaces

Sustainability-focussed digital marketplaces are emerging to play a role in helping countries deal with rising global temperatures, carbon emissions and energy transition. With diverse applications from carpooling platforms, energy marketplaces and food waste reduction apps, products are emerging to service every part of our emissions-generating economies.

Altogether, impact marketplace funding reached $1.2B in Q3 2022, less than half of peak levels of record-breaking 2021. However, those focused on energy have unsurprisingly been bucking the trend. While they account for 16% ($31B) of the combined value of impact marketplaces, last quarter they took 50% of the VC funding. Companies like Xpansiv, which trade environmental commodities and biofuels, and Octopus Energy, a clean energy provider marketplace, led the quarter. 

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, other segments include sustainable shopping, green mobility marketplaces and indirect marketplaces like Single.earth, which connect market players behind the curtains to enable transactions of carbon and biodiversity offsets.

There’s a lot of optimism surrounding how sustainability marketplaces will grow and can enable significant transitions globally.

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