Mapping the North American startup ecosystem – Alberta, Canada

We’re excited to announce the new Alberta startup ecosystem database, in partnership with A100, Alberta Enterprise Corporation (AEC) and the Venture Capital Association of Alberta (VCAA), the first platform of its kind in North America.

The new Start Alberta database, powered by Dealroom, catalogues every startup, investor, corporate and tech support organisation in the province, which includes the major cities of Calgary and Edmonton. The platform joins a global network of 40 other tech startup ecosystem solutions, including the UK, France, Berlin and Amsterdam, but is the first of its kind in North America.

Explore the Alberta startup database


As the most comprehensive database on startups and funding in the province, the database provides insights on the health of the regional innovation economy while showcasing the Alberta startup ecosystem to the world. The data base track over 1,000 funding rounds for 2,195 startups, employing 18,000 people.

“The importance of tech startups to the Alberta economy has never been more acute,” says Tamara Woolgar, Executive Director, the A100. “Start Alberta data will provide an understanding of the sector at a macro level, empowering stakeholders with the knowledge needed to make fact-based decisions towards achieving sustainable growth and job creation.” 

A core group of ecosystem organizations across the province are also backing the Start Alberta initiative, including Calgary Economic Development (CED), Platform Calgary, Innovate Edmonton, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Edmonton Global, Health City, and the Edmonton Screen Industries Office (ESIO). 

“AEC has driven forward this initiative because we see it as foundational in helping Alberta companies connect with both investors and ecosystem support, while gaining critical visibility to a global investor network,” says Christiana Manzocco, Director of Industry Development, AEC, and Interim Lead, Start Alberta. 

“This database is a critical tool to help our VCAA members and prospective investors discover investment opportunities in the province,” says Andrea Drager, VCAA Chair and Partner, Azure Capital Partners. “We are thrilled that this world-class platform is launching in Alberta.”

Explore the Alberta startup database