Introducing the Dashboard: your most important info in one place

Dealroom has introduced the Dashboard to make it easier to discover new startups, as well as receive personalised alerts and recommendations.

What’s in the dashboard?

  1. Hot startups & scaleups: these are algorithmically selected companies based on changes in growth signals (startup = less than 50 people, scaleup = 51 or more people)
  2. Recommendations: companies and investors matched to your profile
  3. Company updates: news about companies that you already are following (your saved lists)
  4. New matches: discover new companies based on your saved searches
  5. Recent rounds: venture capital funding rounds
  6. Suggested searches: pre-made searches to start

How to create your saved searches and lists

Check out our “Suggested searches” to get familiar with how the feature works. For tips on how to create saved searches and lists, check out this tutorial. Need help? Please feel free chat with us on Intercom (bottom right of your screen).

What’s next

This is just the beginning of a more personalised user experience from Dealroom. We will soon make it possible to further customise the dashboard. We are also working on a new modal to make it easier to create your new searches.