Introducing Dealroom Signal Top 100

In the last several months we rolled out a significant new platform feature: Dealroom Signal.

Dealroom Signal is a unique predictive algorithm to discover promising companies based on growth, hiring, fundraising timing, and team composition. From our post introducing Dealroom Signal:

Rather than creating a score about a startup’s general quality or performance, Dealroom Signal is aimed at surfacing the most promising upcoming funding opportunities. The algorithm is therefore calibrated to find companies showing strong traction and which are predicted to be lining up for a funding event, or that are round-ready.

We’re now introducing Dealroom Signal Top 100, which is a series of data-driven lists featuring the top startups to watch in various industries.

To start, we’ve created Dealroom Signal Top 100 lists for the following industry verticals:

Companies in these lists range from pre-seed startups all the way to unicorns, and also vary in geographical region. 

These Top 100 lists are entirely data-driven using Dealroom Signal, meaning there is no manual curation from our analysts.

As opposed to thinking about these lists as ranking the “best startups” in each industry, they can be viewed as the top startups to watch based on their fundraising timeline, growth indicators, founding team, and a number of other factors.

If you have any questions about how Dealroom Signal can benefit your organization, you can contact us here to learn more.