Healthtech Q2 2022: keeping up the pace

Global healthtech VC in Q2 fell short year-on-year, but is still on track to outpace funding in 2020. Read up on how the health space fared in the latest quarter in our Healthtech Q2 2022 report.

Report - Healthtech Q2 2022

After a record year for healthtech startups in 2021, a further $23.7B has been raised in the second half of 2022. Healthtech funding in Q2 reached $11B, down 13% compared to Q1 2022 and down 47% vs. Q2 2021.

Early and mid-stage investment (0-$100M) accounted for 64% of total funding, compared to Q2 2021, where megarounds ($100M-$250M+) were predominant by 54% of total funding. Healthtech in Q2 is the sector that decreased the least compared to Q1 2022.

The overall value of public and private healthtech companies has dipped slightly this year, impacted by global public market performance. Combined enterprise value of public healthtech startups decreased by 26% since 2021.

Global healthtech VC funding in Q2 falls short year-on-year, but still is on track to outpace funding in 2020.

Download and read our Healthtech Q2 report for further in-depth insights on health’s latest quarter.

Report - Healthtech Q2 2022