Going green with climate fintech

Climate fintech took centre stage at the COP27 climate talks this week. The success of the summit heavily depends on finding an agreement on the “loss and damage” mechanism to scale up financing for developing countries which are being heavily hit by climate change.

The exact mechanism and conditions are however hard to reach a consensus for and previous commitment have already fallen short. In fact, developed nations have still not followed through on a promise made in 2010 to give $100B a year in aid to poorer countries by 2020.

In the startup world, Climate Fintech startups are doing their part by facilitating climate action and driving decarbonization, and are being fueled by record amounts of VC funding.

Climate Fintech funding has in fact increased massively in the last two years, raising $2.2B in 2022 so far, already more than the $1.8B raised in 2021 and over 3x 2020 total.

The largest rounds this year have been:

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