Funded vs. unfunded companies

Startup and scaleup discovery on Dealroom is uniquely organized by Funded and Unfunded companies. This means you can:

  1. Explore, measure, and track the universe of funded companies with high levels of precision
  2. Or cast a wider net, to discover early-stage and bootstrapped businesses 🔍

Leaning into our core focus on company discovery, Premium users can now build their own bespoke hunting grounds, calibrated for their stage of interest.

With unfunded companies in particular, the aim is to be as optimistically inclusive as possible. Whether a company is a startup/not a startup is often a gray area, where we expect the lines to blur even more in the future, as tech becomes even more ubiquitous. We therefore aim to capture a broader group of companies, and algorithmically surface those with signs of promise, in team, industry, growth, technologies.

These are default view starting points, but full flexibility remains to explore both funded and funded companies at the same time, by just removing the qualifying tags. Start discovering new companies today, request a free week’s trial to play around with your own customized search.