European companies raised €16.5B in 2015 (50% YoY growth)

Our 2015 European Venture Capital Report is now online. While there’ve been a few such reports already, Dealroom provides the only online report with full bottom up deal-by-deal data.

The 2015 highlights:

  • European companies raised €16.5 billion in 2015, up roughly 50% from 2014
  • While UK companies raised by far the most capital, growth of “only” 10% (albeit from a higher base) meant other countries are catching up
  • Germany, France, Israel and the Nordics all roughly doubled in size (90-100% growth). Italy and Spain grew about 70-80%
  • Importantly, numbers are heavily skewed by a few large deals, making it very tricky to identify real sustainable trends

How to view the report online

You can view the funding report by country / regioncityindustry, and business model. Each € amount provides a link to an underlying report of every deal. You can sort each table by either date or deal size. The screenshot at the bottom of this post provides some guidance (in red).

Premium Account is required to view the underlying companies and rounds. But if you log in you can request a free 1-month trial (no credit card needed!).

Final notes:

Funding excludes acquisitions, buyouts, and secondary rounds. To view those, visit our Exit Reports.

We include Israel in Europe, which geographically is of course totally incorrect! At Dealroom simplify regions into USA, Europe, Asia. Also there is a lot of overlap between London and Israel (for example SimilarWeb). Israel can be excluded easily of course since all backup data is provided.