Fourth of July: American Tech Hubs

This Fourth of July we’re celebrating America’s growing tech hubs with a compiled a list of some of Dealroom’s most extensive ecosystem databases and reports covering American cities.

Take a ride cross-country and discover the American cities disrupting the global tech scene.

american tech hubs

Pittsburgh: The Steel City

Over the years, Pittsburgh’s region has made a name for itself as a booming tech hub. Home to Carnegie Mellon University, the birthplace of Artificial Intelligence, Pittsburgh is seeing the implementation of AI transcend the field of tech, and especially robotics, in new and exciting ways. Made in partnership with InnovatePGH, our database not only offers the most detailed picture of the region’s tech scene up until now.

Examples of data you can find on the platform include:

Explore the Pittsburgh startup ecosystem

american tech hubsLas Vegas: Entertainment Capital of the World

Las Vegas isn’t just a state of mind, but also Dealroom’s first dedicated database for a US startup ecosystem. Made in partnership with Nevada non-profit accelerator StartUpNV and the City of Las Vegas, our open-access platforms maps the Desert Oasis’ startup and venture capital ecosystem.

Examples of data you can find on the platform include:

  • 8 unicorns (companies valued at $1 billion or more) headquartered in Las Vegas
  • 8 future unicorns ($200 million to $800 million current valuation) in Las Vegas
  • Record investment in 2021: so far the capital invested has already doubled
  • Investment by industry heatmap, showing FinTech and Gaming as frontrunners
  • Sightline payments’ $244 million growth equity was one of the big wins for the ecosystem in 2021
Explore the Las Vegas startup database

american tech hubs

Atlanta: The Big Peach

Atlanta’s dedicated startup database made in partnership with the City’s economic development authority, Invest Atlanta. This comprehensive platform showcases the Big Peach’s startup ecosystem, offering investment-grade and company-level data on all startups, scaleups, and corporates catalogued.

Examples of data you can find on the platform include:

Explore the Atlanta startup database

american tech hubs

London x Bay Area

Over the past 5 years, the Bay Area and London have both become the top two hubs for fintech investment raising $52.7B and $31.5B respectively since 2017.

Read more about how interconnected these two tech hubs are in 2022 in our report, done in partnership with London & Partners.

Report - World leading tech hubs: London and Bay Area